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 A summary of our prices:


Medical Abortion:  RU486- $495.00, Methotrexate- $495.00

Surgical Abortion:
Pre-Abortion Counseling/Ultrasound- $100
 up to 12 weeks LMP- $395
 13 & 14 weeks LMP- $495
 15 & 16 weeks LMP- $650
 17 & 18 weeks LMP- $825
 19 & 20 weeks LMP- $1050
 21 & 22 weeks LMP- $1350
 23  weeks LMP        - $1750              
 More than 23 weeks LMP- $2250

Twilight Anesthesia:  $75.00

Missed Appointment Charge:  $50.00

Anti D Immune Globulin (for Rh negative women):  Up to 14 weeks LMP- $50, Over 14 weeks  LMP- $100

Laboratory:  Blood Count - $5, Blood Type- $10, Urinalysis-   $5, GC Culture- $10, PAP Smear- $20, Sonogram- $75

Post Exam- $40
Annual Exam- $80
Pregnancy Test- No charge

Adjustments:  The surgical fee for abortion depends on how far advanced the pregnancy is at the time of surgery.  A tentative charge will be made based on the patient's menstrual history and/or physical exam.  If examination of the pregnancy tissue after the abortion indicates that the gestational stage was different than expected, the abortion fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment:  Clinical and surgical fees are payable at the time of the initial visit in cash, traveler's check or money order.  Insurance cannot be used in lieu of payment, but we will submit claims for the patient to be reimbursed directly.  Medical assistance will no longer pay for abortion services.  Cases of extreme financial hardship will be considered on an individual basis.

* As of March 2004
Subject to change without notice



Fees in regards to particular services:

  • Medical Abortion
  • Surgical Abortion
  • Twilight Anesthesia
  • Anti D Immune Globulin
  • Laboratory
  • Adjustments
  • Payment

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